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Building a dry stone wall together and overcoming cultural walls in the process

BWBW is a youth exchange between young people from Switzerland, Israel, Palestine and Ireland/Northern Ireland. During one week, they work together on a traditional dry stone wall. At the same time, they experience each other's culture through discussions, outdoor activities and cooking together. The project is about walls between cultures - and how we can overcome them.

Five countries

Ireland, Israel, Northern Ireland, Palestine and Switzerland. Four young adults from each country come together for a project week.

Three religions

Interreligious dialog: Muslims, Jews, Christians and agnostics. You will experience the things that divide religions - and where they can serve as bridges.

Three worlds

Ireland with the ocean, Switzerland and the mountains and Israel in the desert.

A project of the Nature Culture Association

The Naturkultur association was founded in Solothurn in 2010.  The organization focuses on offering intercultural and personality-enhancing outdoor activities. The association is politically and religiously neutral. Naturkultur is a member of the Swiss umbrella organization for youth organizations SAJV and the Swiss Association of Dry Stone Masons SVTSM.

Naturkultur is made up of experts from the fields of youth work, coaching, agriculture, cultural and social work and environmental education. Networked in these areas, the association guarantees high-quality offers and professional management. Naturkultur is closely networked nationally and internationally with partner organizations.

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