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BWBW expands horizons

Certificate and 8 key competences Erasmus+

In cooperation with the Erasmus+ partner countries, the European Union has defined 8 key competences for lifelong learning. After Building Walls - Breaking Walls, all participants receive a certificate of participation, which records the experiences and learning outcomes of the project. The certificate can be attached to your CV. The key competencies will accompany you for a lifetime.

  1. Reading and writing skills

  2. Personal, social and learning skills

  3. Multilingual competence

  4. Digital literacy

  5. Civic competence

  6. Mathematical competence and competence in natural sciences, computer science and technology

  7. Entrepreneurial competence

  8. Cultural awareness and cultural expression

Our offer for educational institutions
Educational effect

BWBW as a door opener for new intercultural insights into foreign worlds. The project is an ideal way to experience initial encounters with peers from foreign countries and thus get to know new cultures and reflect on your own. We would be happy to present the project at your school and explain what intercultural encounters mean using small exercises in the field of non-formal education.


Building Walls - Breaking Walls is an intercultural project that has been bringing together young people from Israel, Palestine, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Switzerland for 10 years. Due to its uniqueness, the project has already attracted some media attention.

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